• 02/2021: Blog post at Informs – Management Science Review (ENG)
  • 03/2020 interview at the Czech Radio – Pět kapitol ze současné ekonomie (in Czech)
  • 12/2019: Magazín Věda a Výzkum Akademie věd ČR: article here (in Czech) and a short summary online (in Czech)
  • 09/2019: Frankfurter Allgemeine here  (in German)
  • 09/2019: MPI for Tax Law and Public Finance press release here (ENG)
  • 01/2019: About our research at  (ENG)
  • 03/2018: interview at the Czech Radio (ČRo+, in Czech) about Nudges, summary here
  • 2016: About our research on the impact of stress on the willingness to compete and performance in “Die Welt” here (In German)
    • in English the press release for the EEA conference here