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Published papers

  • Chadimová, K., Cahlíková, J., & Cingl, L. (2022). Foretelling What Makes People Pay: Predicting the Results of Field Experiments on TV Fee Enforcement. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (link, link to WP; link to data and code)
  • Cahlíková, J., Cingl, L. & Levely, I. (2020). “How Stress Affects Performance and Competitiveness across Gender” Management Science 66(8) 3295–3310 (link, link to WP)
  • Cingl, L., & Korbel, V. (2020) “External Validity of a Laboratory Measure of Cheating: Evidence from Czech Juvenile Detention Centers” Economics Letters 191, 109094 (link, data, preprint here)
  • Willard, A. K., Cingl, L., & Norenzayan, A. (2020). Cognitive Biases and Religious Belief: A path model replication in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a focus on anthropomorphism. Social Psychological and Personality Science 11(1) 97-106 (Linklink to preprint, data and code)
  • l’Haridon, O., Vieider, F., Aycinena, D., Bandur, A., Belianin, A., Cingl, L., Kothial, A., & P. Martinsson (2018). “Off the Charts: Massive Unexplained Heterogeneity in a Global Study of Ambiguity Attitudes.” Review of Economics and Statistics 100(4), 664-677 (link , link to WP)
  • Cingl, L. (2018) “Social Learning under Acute Stress” PLoS ONE 13(8), e0202335 (link)
  • Rawat, A., Uebel, K., Moore, D., Cingl, L., & Yassi, A. (2018) “Patient responses on quality of care and satisfaction with staff after integrated HIV-care in South African primary health care clinics.” Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care 29(5), 698-711. (link)
  • Matoušek J., & Cingl L. (2018) “Collusion in Multi-Object Auctions: Experimental Evidence.” Eastern European Economics 56(1), 28-56 (link, link to WP).
  • Willard A., Cingl L. (2017) “Testing Theories of Secularization and Religious Belief in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.” Evolution & Human Behavior 38(5), p. 604-615 (link)
  • Cahlíková, J. & Cingl, L. (2017) “Risk Preferences under Acute Stress.” Experimental Economics, 20(1), p. 209-239 (link, link to WP)
  • Cingl, L. (2013). “Does herd behavior arise more easily under time pressure? Experimental approach.” Prague Economic Papers 4, p. 558-582

Work in progress & working papers

  • Fišar, M., Cingl, L., Reggiani, T., Kundtová-Klocová, E., Kundt, R., Krátký, J., Kostolanská, K., Bencúrová, K., Kudličková Pešková, M., Marečková, K. (2022) “Riding the Cycle: Ovulatory-Shift Hypothesis and Incentivized Decision-Making”
    • 2R&R @JoEP
  • Cingl, L., Lichard, T., & Miklánek, T. (2021) “Mist over a Meadow: Tax Designation Effects on Compliance” KEKE Working paper 1/2021 (link), CERGE-EI WP No. 725 (2022) (link)
    • R&R @JEBO
  • Cahlíková, J., Cingl, L., Chadimová, K., & Zajíček, M. (2021) “Carrots, Sticks, or Simplicity? Field Evidence on What Makes People Pay TV Fees” Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance Working Paper No. 2021-12 (link)
    • revising…
  • Krátký, J., Lang, M., Kundt, R, Cingl, L., Reggiani, T., Kundtová-Klocová, E., & Fišar, M. “The effect of movement on economic decision making: The effects of ritualized behavior on economic decision making under stress.”
  • Bajzíková, S. & Cingl, L. (2019) A New Measure of Stereotypes in the Workplace. KEKE WP 1/2019 (link)
    • R&R @JBEE
  • Bauer, M., Cahlíková, J., Celik-Katreniak, D., Chytilová, J., Cingl, L. & T. Želinský. (November 2018). “Anti-social Behavior in Groups.” CERGE-WP No. 632 (link), IZA Discussion Paper No. 11944 (link)
    • R&R @JEEA
  • Cingl, L., Korbel, V. (2018) ” Underlying motivations for rule-violation among juvenile delinquents: A lab-in-the-field experiment” IES Working papers 18/2018, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Economic Studies (link, data)
  • Vieider, F. M. & Cingl, L. & Martinsson, P. & Stojic, H. (2013) “Separating attitudes towards money from attitudes towards probabilities: Stake effects and ambiguity as a test for prospect theory,” Discussion Papers, WZB Junior Research Group Risk and Development SP II 2013-401, Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB) (link)

Other writing (non-impacted journals / non-refereed):

  • Cingl, L. (2019) Stress and Decision Making in Economic Research. Habilitation thesis. Faculty of Economics, University of Economics, Prague (download)
  • Cingl, L. & Korbel, V. (2019) Stigma jako sebenaplňující se proroctví: experimentální výzkum z českých věznic. IDEA Studie 9/2019 (link)
  • Straková, D., Cingl, L., Hofmanová, P. & Horáček, M. (2018) Transpozice špičáku a prvního premoláru a její etiologická podobnost s palatinálně retinovaným špičákem / Canine and first premolar transposition and its etiological similarity to palatally displaced canine. Ortodoncie 27(3), 132-139 (link)
  • Cingl, L. (2018). Critical thinking. Science, 360(6396), 1412–1412. (an invited and selected commentary in a letter, not peer-reviewed)
  • Cingl, L. (2017). Behavior management. Science, 356(6335), 244–244. (an invited and selected commentary in a letter, not peer-reviewed)
  • Straková, D., Cingl, L., Dostálová, T., Christo Ivanov, I. (2017) “Klinické zkušenosti s DIAGNOcam”. StomaTeam 17(4), 103-110 (Clinical Experiences with DIAGNOcam, in Czech, link)