I am dedicated to provide high-quality teaching experience to highly motivated students.

Theses supervision

I am accepting students for the supervision of Master’s and Bachelor’s theses. If you wish to become supervised by me, prepare to write in English, read a lot and use statistics.
vselogo_modre_kulate_cz Current courses at University of Economics in Prague:

Personal Timetable

5IE362 Economics and Psychology I
5IE460 Economics of Religion (not offered this semester)
5IE375  Drugs and Economics
5EN254 Introduction to Game Theory

Past experience:

vselogo_modre_kulate_cz  University of Economics in Prague:

2016 WS                     Applied Quantitative Methods II
2016 WS                     Introduction to Game Theory
2016 WS                     Economics and Psychology
2016 SS                       Applied Quantitative Methods II
2016 SS                       Introduction to Game Theory
2016 SS                       Economics and Psychology
2015 WS                      Economics of Religion
2015 WS                      Economics and Psychology
2015 SS                       Economics and Psychology
2014 WS                     Economics of Religion
2014 SS                       Economics and Psychology

logo Institute of Economic Studies at Charles University

Teaching Assistant:
2014 WS Economics of Least Developed Countries
2014 SS Ekonomie I
2012 WS Microeconomics II
2012 SS Ekonomie II
2012 SS Microeconomics I
2011 WS Ekonomie I
2011 WS Microeconomics II
2010 SS Ekonomie II
2010 SS Microeconomics I
2010 WS Ekonomie I

cerge_ei_logo I am a proud member of CERGE-EI Teaching Fellows.